Computer Science Education week for Existing Programs

Earlier this week I got a request from one of our partner schools asking for ideas for how to incorporate an hour of code into their existing computer science program.

Computer Science Education Week can be a great opportunity for recruiting new computer science students and building a school culture that supports computer science for all kids.

CS Ed Week 2015

CS Education Week Events

We have had folks do a variety of things:

  1. Have current Computer Science  students help run an Hour of Code activity with middle or elementary school students
  2. Have current Computer Science students help run hour of code activities in their school – we’ve even had folks set up laptops at lunch to let kids outside the Computer Science program try some code.
  3. Do a gallery opening where kids from outside the Computer Science classes are invited in to see projects the Computer Science kids are working on or have completed. Let current students act as docents.
  4. Have the Computer Science  students do posters advertising and promoting cs.
  5. Invite parents and families in for an evening of code – let current cs students teach their families the programming they’ve been learning.
  6. Also – don’t forget the Computer Science Unplugged activities – – these are great for both showing that Computer Science is more than coding, and work really well when computer resources are limited.

Hope some of these spark ideas – it is a wonderful way to spotlight the great computer science classes you have and help recruit more students.

~ Rebecca

Rebecca Dovi
As CEO (chief educational officer) of CodeVA Rebecca is responsible for training teachers and developing computer science curriculum as CodeVA works to bring computer science education to all Virginia students.